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'Razkovniche is the Bulgarian-language name for the real plant Marsilea quadrifolia, which shares some features with the legendary raskovnik.

Raskovnik[edit | edit source]

{{#set:Summary=A mythical plant that can open any lock, but is notoriously difficult to find.}}

Raskovnik is a legendary plant spoken of in Slavic legend. It has the amazing power to pick any lock just by being brushed against it. It grants a +60 bonus to all Open Lock checks and a +25 bonus to all Disable Device, Use Magic Device, and Use Psionic Device skill checks; it also allows any character to open locks and disable traps as though he or she were a rogue, and also allows a character to make Use Magic Device or Use Psionic Device checks without any ranks in Use Magic Device or Use Psionic Device. However, while raskovnik is far from rare, it is maddeningly difficult to identify. It resembles a four-leaf clover, but even trained botanists have trouble distinguishing raskovnik from the dozens upon dozens of plants which look nigh-identical. Even in a field where raskovnik grows, it requires a DC 75 Search check to find. Certain chthonic animals, however, have an innate knowledge of the raskovnik, and can distinguish it from its relatives just as easily as an ordinary (or even utterly moronic) person could distinguish a rose from an oak tree. Hedgehogs, tortoises, and snakes all have a +75 racial bonus on Search checks to identify the raskovnik, and so most people who want a raskovnik just find a way to coerce one of these animals into finding it for them (kidnapping their young and locking them in a box tends to work wonders). Yuan-ti and other anthro counterparts of the aforementioned animals also have this +75 racial bonus on identifying the raskovnik. (However, attempts to coerce yuan-ti into obtaining raskovnik for another's ends tend to backfire spectacularly, and other sentient species are likely to resent and hate you for recklessly endangering their young. Kidnapping sentient creatures tends to be an evil act, anyways.)

This item is a naturally-growing plant, and cannot be created. Raskovnik grown in an ordinary greenhouse or garden doesn't seem to have the same unlocking qualities that wild raskovnik does; however, by casting knock on his garden, a spellcaster can enable raskovnik he grows to disable locks just like its wild-grown counterpart. The knock spell must be heightened to 7th level or higher for this to have any effect. The effect lasts for 1 day/level before the spellcaster's garden loses the ability to grow lock-picking raskovnik, though it can be refreshed by casting heightened knock again. (Raskovnik takes about 30 days to grow to maturity, so a caster level of at least 30 is needed for a single knock spell to grow a potent raskovnik.)

Raskovnik has a market price of 60,000 gp, due to the fact that it's extremely powerful and most sentient species have a difficult time finding it.

See also: Raskovnik (Wikipedia).

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