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{{#set:Summary=An excellent, balanced book on expanding psionics in one's campaign.}}

Contents[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1: Introduction

Using This Book
Discipline vs. Devotion
Rules Replacements

Chapter 2: Races

Racial Paragon Classes
Dromite Paragon
Duergar Paragon
Elan Paragon
Half-Giant Paragon
Maenad Paragon
Xeph Paragon
Racial Specialty Levels
Dromite Ranger
Dromite Society Mind
Duergar Egoist
Duergar Fighter
Elan Monk
Elan Psion
Half-Giant Psychic Warrior
Half-Giant Soulknife
Maenad Fighter
Maenad Wilder
Xeph Monk
Xeph Soulknife

Chapter 3: Classes

Devoted Psion (Variant)
Society Mind

Chapter 4: Feats

New Feats
Assassin Training
Course Correction
Craft Cognizence Crystal
Craft Crystalic
Communal Exemplar
Deceptive Blade
Duck and Weave
Dueling Blade
Durable Mind
Exotic Mind Blade
Falling With Style
Fill The Blade
Focused Dreamer
Harmonic Resonance
Improved Power By Proxy
Lend Health
Luck Doesn't Stop Me
Master Formbinder
Master of Mantras
Mental Dampening
Mentally Inconspicuous
Mind Blade Finesse
Mind Blade Kensai
On Fire
Out of Mind, Out of Sight
Personality Purge
Poison Mastery
Poisoned Blade
Power by Proxy
Psicrystal Affinity
Psychic Substitution
Psychokinetic Fists
Reckless Blade
Shieldwarden of the Maenae
Shuriken Mind Blade
Soul Buffer
Subconscious Containment
Vigilance of the Giants
Web of Influence
Xeph Bladestorm
Blade of the Champion
Burst of the Cheetah
Claws of the Tiger
Eye of the Storm
Fangs of the Cobra
Final Strike of the Executioner
Patience of the Hunter
Presence of the Master
Riding the Waves
Roots of the Mountain
Spirit of the Attuned
Student of the Mind
Swift as the Shadows
Way of the Empty Palm
Way of the Warrior
Wrath of the Dragon

Chapter 5: Prestige Classes

Anyform Savant
Enlightened Exemplar
Enlightened Protector
Knight Meditant
Maverick Voidshaper
Phenotype Impressionist
Psicrystal Imprinter
Psychic Acrobat
Sighted Seeker

Chapter 6: NPCs and Organizations

Psychic Watchman

Chapter 7: Powers

Marksman Powers
Psion / Wilder Powers
Psion Devotion Powers
Psychic Warrior Powers
Society Mind Powers
Power Descriptions
New Powers

Chapter 8: Items

Focus Crystals
Impression Crystals
Mind Stones
New Universal Items
Special Materials

Chapter 9: Monsters

Astral Juggernaut
Ego Dragon
Logos Dragon
Pathos Dragon
Cerebral Stalker
The Nameless Fear
Larval Nameless
Augmented Nameless
Dire Nightmare Prestige Class
Fear Spawn
Psionic Constructs
Crystalline Construct
Sonic Construct
The Mindborn


Variant Soulknife
Variant Wilder
Epic-Level Psionic Characters
New Epic Feats

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