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Psychokinetic Flashgun

Exotic One-Handed Projectile

Cost: 600 gp
Damage (Small): 1d4
Damage (Medium)1: 1d6
Critical: ×2
Range Increment: 50
Weight2: 4 lbs
Type3: Typeless Energy
HP4: 10


1. See Damage Increases by Size to calculate the damage for a weapon larger than Medium or smaller than Small.
2. Weight figures are for Medium weapons. A Small weapon weighs half as much, and a Large weapon weighs twice as much.
3. When two types are given, the weapon is both types if the entry specifies "and", either type (player's choice at time of attack) if the entry specifies "or", or each end of the double weapon is a different type if the entry specifies "/".
4. The hp value given is for Medium armor, weapons, and shields. Divide by 2 for each size category of the item smaller than Medium, or multiply it by 2 for each size category larger than Medium.


Neural matter forged into a weapon able to deliver psionic blasts from afar...

An organic artificial construct developed by the uberich to supplement their psionic abilities, and bio-energy reserves, the psychokinetic flashgun (known as the PK Flash for short) is actually alive. It synchronizes with psionic creatures and becomes capable of projecting that inner energy into a powerful pulse of typeless energy. Since it relies on non-physical means of generating ammo, it has no ammunition to reload and can fire continuously provided the prerequisites are met.

To fire the PK Flash the user must be psionically focused. Doing so allows them to fire the weapon. However since it is mentally bonded to the user, they can apply additional power points to produce a stronger shot. For each 2 PP spent add on an additional 1d6 damage to that attack, to a maximum of your manifester level.

Those who possess a bio-energy reserve can also expend a bio-energy point to send the device into overdrive, allowing the user to make one additional attack at their highest attack bonus, once per round. This additional attack does not stack with haste and similar effects.

While the weapon is not magical, the shots are, and are subject to being negated by an antimagic field, though not power or spell resistance. Uberichs treat the PK Flash as a martial weapon.

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