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Psionic Edit

Summary::Every few thousand children of the non-psionic races are born different, their brains work differently, they work faster, better and somehow they just know things. These people are naturally born psions, they may not know it but they have the ability to finely manifest psionic power.

Creating a Psionic Edit

This template is an inherited template. Any humanoid or monstrous humanoid creature, with at least intelligence of 10 and no power points, (referred to hereafter as the base creature) can acquire this template.

Size and Type Edit

The base creature gains the Psionic subtype.

Special Attacks Edit

  • Psi-like Abilities (Ps): Choose a single first level power, the Psionic creature gains the power as a psi-like ability 1/day (DC 11 + 1/2 HD + intelligence modifier, manifester level 1). A psionic creature can also use Read Thoughts a number of times per day equal to their intelligence modifier, with a manifester level of 3.

Special Qualities Edit

  • Naturally Psionic (Ex): A Psionic creature gains 2 Power Points.
  • Telepathy (Su): A Psionic creature gains Telepathy out to 30ft.

Abilities Edit

Int +2, Cha +2

Challenge Rating Edit


Advancement Edit

By Character Class

Level Adjustment Edit


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