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Psuedoelemental Being [Type::Racial] Summary::You are a psuedoelemental being, with rare and unique powers. Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::Elemental-Bodied]]Benefit: Instead of picking a normal elemental type as an elemental-bodied, select one of the following other planes: Ice, Magma, Shadow, or Wood. You gain benefits as follows for the type you've picked:

  • Ice: You gain the (Cold) subtype, a 30' base land speed, a 30' swim speed, and +2 to Str. Your melee attacks do 1d6 bonus Cold damage. You speak Aquan and Auran.
  • Magma: You gain both the (Earth) and (Fire) subtypes. Your base land speed is 20', and you gain +2 Str (only). Otherwise you gain the full benefits of both elements.
  • Shadow: You have a 30' base land speed and a Fly speed of 10', with good maneuverability, and gain +2 Dex. You are invisible in any lighting less than bright light. You speak Umbral. Despite your affiliation to the Plane of Shadow instead of to the Inner Planes, you still qualify for [ Elemental ] feats.
  • Wood: You have no elemental subtype, and gain +2 Con and a 10' Climb speed. You gain Regeneration 1, penetrable by Fire and Slashing weapons, which improves to Regeneration equal to your level in areas of natural daylight or equivalent brightness (such as a Daylight spell). You only gain natural healing if you spend at least 8 hours/day in such brightness. You count as a Plant, in addition to an Elemental, for all effects relating to type. You speak your choice of Sylvan or Treant, and any Elemental language.

Other Dual-element types than Magma, such as Ooze (Water and Earth), Smoke (Air and Fire), Vapor (Water and Air), and so on are possible.Special: This feat may only be taken at 1st level. Race::Elemental-Bodied

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