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Proficiency Purchase[edit | edit source]

Are the weapon proficiency feats a waste of a good feat slot, yet at the same time too uneven in balance to simply give out for free? This rule presents an optional means of obtaining proficiency, effectively buying the appropriate feat with gold, effort, and time.

The rules assume that you receive training with the weapon in question, and thus acquire the appropriate knowledge. The following costs are suggested.

Simple Weapon Proficiency: 500g, 20xp, and 1 day of training.

Martial Weapon Proficiency: 2000g, 80xp, and 2 days of training.

Exotic Weapon Proficiency: 8000g, 320xp, and 8 days of training.

The proficiency is not free, while at the same time being easily accessable, without dipping into non-renewable resources.

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