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Potion Taste Chart[]

So, everyone should have an idea of what their favorite magical beverages taste like. Each potion (taken from the core list of potions) is rated by its color, smell, texture and flavor. (If you have a potion, elixir or ingested poison you would like to add, feel free, and don't forget to link it and place it in alphabetical order).

Table: Potion Taste Chart
Potion Name Color Smell Texture Flavor
Aid Yellow Sharp Thick Tangy
Barkskin Brown Herbal Aroma Gritty Earthy
Bear's Endurance Black Pungent Fibrous Salty
Blur Cloudy White Odorless Velvety Sweet
Bull's Strength Light Brown Grassy Gritty Sour
Cat's Grace Orange Odorless Gritty Mildly Spicy
Cure Light Wounds Clear Mildly Flowery Watery Mildy Sweet
Cure Moderate Wounds Clear Mildly Fruity Watery Sweet
Cure Serious Wounds Clear Alcohol Vapors Watery Sweet and Sharp
Darkvision Dark Orange Sharp Smooth Carrots
Delay Poison Purple Fragrant Thick Bitter
Displacement Dark Purple Odorless Syrupy Tasteless
Eagle's Splendor White Sharp Thick Sour
Endure Elements Light Blue Mildly Fruity Watery Tangy
Enlarge Person Red Sharp Soupy Tart
Fly Gray Odorless Gritty Bland
Fox's Cunning Pale Orange Musky Smooth Tangy
Gaseous Form Dark Gray Smoky Watery Ash and Soot
Good Hope Bright Green Flowery Smooth Sweet
Haste Dark Red Licorice Watery Spicy
Heroism White Caramel Syrupy Sweet
Hide from Animals Blue Odorless Slimy Bland
Hide from Undead Light Gray Odorless Gritty Chalky
Invisibility Clear Sharp Watery Spicy
Jump Pale Green Grassy Gritty Bitter
Levitate Yellow Sharp Smooth Tart
Mage Armor Light Purple Odorless Watery Tangy
Magic Circle against (alignment) Blue Mild Watery Sour
Magic Fang Gray Mild Thick Sweet
Magic Fang, Greater Dark Gray Mild Thick Sweet
Misdirection Dark Green Minty Chunky Bland
Neutralize Poison Black Mild Gritty Foul
Nondetection Clear Odorless Gritty Tasteless
Owl's Wisdom Light Gray Sharp Smooth Bitter
Protection from (alignment) Red Cinnamon Smooth Tart
Protection from Arrows Brown Swampy Gritty Bland
Protection from Energy (type) White Sharp Watery Sour
Rage Dark Red Alcohol Vapors Watery Sour
Reduce Person Light Gray Mushroomy Thick Bland
Remove Blindness/Deafness Brown Buttery Thick Sweet
Remove Curse Pale Yellow Pungent Smooth Salty
Remove Disease Dark Red Alcohol Vapors Syrupy Sour
Remove Fear Cloudy Pungent Smooth Bland
Remove Paralysis Pink Bakery Fresh Thick Sweet and Spicy
Resist Energy (type) Yellow Sharp Thick Tangy
Restoration, Lesser Red Sharp Thick Bitter
Sanctuary Clear Blue Apples Watery Tangy and Bubbly
Shield of Faith Golden Pleasant Smooth Sweet
Spider Climb Black Odorless Soupy Bitter
Tongues Gray Earthy Thick Clay and Dirt
Undetectable Alignment Peach Mildly Fruity Watery Harsh Tang
Water Breathing Light Green Fishy Oily Bland
Water Walk Clear Mild Flowers Syrupy Sour

Elixir Taste Chart[]

Table: Elixir Taste Chart
Elixir Name Color Smell Texture Flavor
Elixir of Fire Breath Swirling Red Sharp Smooth Spicy
Elixir of Hiding Black Odorless Watery Tasteless
Elixir of Love Pale Pink Flowery and Fruity Smooth Sweet
Elixir of Sneaking Tan Alcohol Vapors Watery Bubbly and Sharp
Elixir of Swimming Aqua Fresh Watery Salty and Sweet
Elixir of Truth Luminously Clear Odorless Watery Bitter
Elixir of Vision Clear Sharp Smooth Metallic Tang

Poison Taste Charts[]

Table: Ingested Poison Taste Chart
Poison Name Appearance Smell Flavor
Striped Toadstool Grainy Tan Powder Earthy Sour
Arsenic Varies, usually Gray Powder Odorless Tasteless
Id Moss Greenish Yellow Plant Grindings Faintly Herbal Bland
Oil of Taggit Light Brown Oil Odorless Tasteless
Lich Dust Dark Gray Powder Foul Bitter
Dark Reaver Powder Black Powder Odorless Sour Tang
Table: Inhaled Poison Taste Chart
Poison Name Appearance Smell Flavor
Ageric Spores Eggshell White Powder Faintly Ashen Dry and Chalky
Red Dust Red Dust Odorless Bitter

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