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{{#set:Type=Plane}}{{#set:Summary=A plane constantly shifting within the cosmetology as outsiders vie for control.}}

Plane of PowerEdit

The plane of power could be considered a transitive plane. It has many junctions to other planes that, with the right knowledge and ability, could be opened. Several Planar Idols dot the landscape. These relics, when exposed to a primary attribute of another plane, will tear open a rift to that plane. The landscape ever changing due to control of idols shifting, the plane of power remains relatively similar to the material plane in most regards.

Plane Traits Edit

Physical Traits Edit

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits Edit

  • Elemental Dominance: No Elemental Traits (specific locations may have these traits, however).
  • Energy Dominance: No Energy Traits (specific locations may have these traits, however).
  • Magic Trait: Normal magic.

Plane Links Edit

The Plane of Power is linked to all known planes through the planar idols. When enough energy that pertains to a specific plane (Fire, Water, Law, Chaos, Good, Positive Energy, etc.) is channeled into a planar idol, a tear opens to the appropriate plane for 2d% hours. This plane allows two-way travel. The amount of energy needed to open a planar tear varies from idol to idol, but is roughly enough energy to cause 100 points of damage or exert 1,000 lbs of force. This need not occur all at once. Over the centuries, a portal to the elemental plane of water may open simply due to ambient rainfall reaching the idol.

Plane Inhabitants Edit

Inhabitants of the Plane of Power are similar to the inhabitants of the material plane, though crossbreeds between planar beings (Half-Celestials, Planetouched, etc.) are five times more common than the material plane.

Movement and Combat Edit

Movement and combat within the Plane of Power is normally similar to the material plane... however, when an outsider controls an idol, a ten mile radius around the idol takes on the traits of the outsider's home plane.

Features of the Plane Edit

For the most part, the Plane of Power resembles the material plane, however, every landmass of at least 100 square miles contains at least one planar idol. These idols can shift the planar fabric within a 10 mile radius to replicate the home plane of any outsider in possession of the idol's keystone.

Plane Encounters Edit

In normal areas, roll random encounters as normal for the terrain, but double the chance of any outsider or elemental encounter.

In idol altered landscapes, roll as if on the replicated plane.

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