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Balance: Wizard

Pit Fighter [Type::Archetype] Summary::You were born as a slave; not to serve, but to fight. Or you're just a battle freak, fighting as a gladiator as a pastime. Prerequisites: Prerequisite::Bab +1, Prerequisite::1st level character.Benefit: See belowSpecial: If you ever stop qualifying for this feat, you can trade it for another archetype feat that you meet the prerequisites for.

Archetype Feat Bonus are based on HD.

  • 1 HD: You gain 4 extra HP and 1 additional HP per level thereafter.
  • 3 HD: You are immune to fatigue, and anything that would cause you to become exhausted makes you fatigued instead.
  • 8 HD: The Pit made you much much more resilient. You can now shrug off most of your opponent's blows (and the stones the spectators throw at you). You gain Damage Reduction 3/-.
  • 15 HD: You are a nearly invincible machine of combat. You gain immunity to stunning, critical hits, ability damages and ability drain.

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