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Phylactery of Life Drinking Edit

These cruel tools of battle are the brainchild of Hextor's clergy, and are awarded to his most prized blackguards to aid in their conquests in His name.

A non-evil character cannot benefit from a phylactery of life drinking. In addition, if a good character wears the phylactery, they incur a negative level. This negative level cannot be removed in any way while the phylactery is worn and likewise never results in actual level loss. It disappears when the phylactery is taken off.

When the bearer of a phylactery of life drinking kills a living creature, part of the fallen soul's life force is transferred into him, restoring a number of hit points equal to five times the killed creature's HD. If the victim's HD is less than half the wearer's HD rounded down, he only recovers half of the usual number of hit points, and if the victim's HD is less than a quarter of the wearer's HD rounded down, no hit points are gained at all.

Any hit points recovered over the maximum hit points of the bearer is converted to temporary hit points that disappear at the start of the bearer's next turn.

Moderate necromancy; CL 9th, Craft Wondrous Item, false life, slay living. Price 42,400 gp

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