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Greater Deity
Symbol: Ornate X-cross with a Blue Halo
Home Plane: The Deepwarp
Alignment: True Neutral (True Neutral)
Portfolio: Death, Cycles, Dreams
Clergy Alignments: True Neutral, Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Good, Neutral Evil
Domains: Death, Knowledge, Magic, Weather, Destruction, Creation
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Pho-Vetus is one of four aspects of a greater goddess of the gokiburi named Photis. The fourfold goddess is seen as a massive gokiburi with four heads, four legs, sixteen arms, eight antenna, and adorned with halos of light behind their heads, joined in the middle where all of creation resides upon her back. While each Pho- deity can be worshiped on their own, they are one in the same part of the whole true neutral being.

Pho-Vetus in particular is "the old woman" aspect, and is seen as an aged gokiburi pale, yet calm. She is usually seen holding a mandala composed of many wheels, her mastery over the cycle of all things from the passing of seasons to the life and death of beings. Her halo color is blue, casting a cool foggy light upon her.

Dogma Edit

Summary::Pho-Vetus is a patient goddess who quietly watches the world, keeping a stoic and peaceful existence as she turns her wheels. She guides dead souls to a safe haven where they may find peace with the world, eventually becoming part of it when they have found satisfaction. She is very wise, being host to the knowledge of the dead.

Clergy and Temples Edit

Religion is very low-key in gokiburi societies. Pho-Vetus has few temples dedicated to her praise so much as her recognition, and they are the places where they go to bury their dead, and celebrate memories. Her temples are ancient places, stockholds of memories both by design and by its contents.

Pantheon Edit

Pho-Vetus is a part of the gokiburi pantheon.

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