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Greater Deity
Symbol: Ornate X-cross with a Red Halo
Home Plane: The Deepwarp
Alignment: Lawful Neutral (True Neutral)
Portfolio: Strength, Duty, Honor
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Neutral, Lawful Good, True Neutral, Lawful Evil
Domains: Law, War, Strength, Glory, Nobility, Competition
Favored Weapon: Lance

Pho-Sator is one of four aspects of a greater goddess of the gokiburi named Photis. The fourfold goddess is seen as a massive gokiburi with four heads, four legs, sixteen arms, eight antenna, and adorned with halos of light behind their heads, joined in the middle where all of creation resides upon her back. While each Pho- deity can be worshiped on their own, they are one in the same part of the whole true neutral being.

Pho-Sator in particular is actually considered a male part of the otherwise female goddess, "the father" aspect, and is seen as an proud gokiburi wearing the ornaments of battle. He is usually seen holding lance and flag to symbolize his proud warrior nature and honor. His halo color is red, burning with a roaring flame.


[[Summary::Pho-Sator is a war god, but is far from impulsive. Rather he is calculating and strong willed, never backing down from what he believes in and following a code of honor, for it is honor which raises the gokiburi above mere beasts and barbarians.]] "What must be done, must be done." He leads the gokiburi to victory when they are faced with that which is wrong, inspiring the hearts of all.

Clergy and Temples[]

Religion is very low-key in gokiburi societies. Pho-Sator has temples within military facilities, the areas decked out in flags, and images of heroes before them. His clergy are warrior-priests in their own right and they fight along side their allies.


Pho-Sator is a part of the gokiburi pantheon.

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