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Balance: Rogue

Parry Everything [Type::Fighter, Type::Tactical] Summary::You hide behind your weapons, books, and anything else you can pick up Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::Attack Blocker]], [[Prerequisite::Sleight of Hand 6 ranks]], [[Prerequisite::Spot 6 ranks]]Benefit: With this tactical feat you can do three separate things.

Defensive Mode: You can spend a full-round action to gain a number of additional Attacks of Opportunity equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Instant Drop: You release the item you are blocking with just as you block with it so the touch attacks you block don't have time to transfer to you. You may use Attack Blocker on touch attacks, albeit with an additional -5 penalty. Spells parried in this way automatically destroy the object you parried with.

Fast resourcefulness: You can pick up unattended items within arm's reach as a free action.Special: A fighter may select this feat as one of his fighter bonus feats.

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