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Date Created: 18 June2008
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This syrup concoction acts like a potion, but doubles the duration of any other potion consumed up to one round previous. It has no effect on potion effects that have an instantaneous duration, such as a potion of cure light wounds. Potion durations are doubled from their initial starting duration and not the remaining duration.

For example:

  • A character drinks a potion that has a duration of 8 rounds.
  • His next turn, he drinks Parempo.
  • The total duration of the potion becomes 16 rounds, not 14, for doubling the initial total rounds (8) minus the first round, leaving 15 rounds of effect.

Parempo can be premixed with another potion so that both it and the potion are consumed at the same time. Parempo affects only the most recent potion consumed. Parempo does not affect archpotions.

Contains enough Parempo to affect 4 potions. 1000 gp

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