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Paragon of SongEdit

I am a master of the instrumental and vocal arts.

Prerequisite: Songweaver, not songweaver multiclass

You have focused on the songweaver’s art, honing your instrumental and vocal talents to perfection, rather than deviating into the specialist songweaver paths or dabbling in the talents of other classes. Therefore, you have truly mastered the use of your chosen implement, using it to its full potential, and have learned more songweaver spells than other songweavers, at the cost of the specialized spells of those that follow other paths.

Paragon of Song Path FeaturesEdit

Songweaver Bonus Feat (11th Level): Choose a single songweaver feat for which you fulfill the prerequisites. You gain that feat as a bonus feat. The feat must be a paragon or heroic tier feat.
Healing Action (11th Level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you can use your Healing Melody power as a free action
Song Mastery (11th Level): Choose a single songweaver encounter attack power of 7th level or lower. You gain that power in place of an 11th level paragon path power.
At 12th level, choose a songweaver utility power of 10th level or lower. You gain that power in place of a 12th level paragon path power.
At 20th level, choose a songweaver daily attack power of 19th level or lower. You gain that power in place of a 20th level paragon path power.
You cannot select powers that you already know through your class.
Greater Instrument Mastery (16th Level): Your implement mastery improves; choose one of the following options.
Bells of the Ancients: You can use your bells of the ancients class feature twice per encounter.
Flute of the Healer: Your flute of the healer class feature also grants an extra 1d8 hit points to the recipient when you grant healing with one of your songweaver powers.
Harp of Time: You can choose to extend the duration of any songweaver power with your harp of time class feature, not just at-will powers.
Lute of Enheartenment: The bonus to attack rolls you provide with your lute of Enheartenment class feature is +2 rather than +1.

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