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Paradise is the most wonderful place ever, filled with all sorts of idyllic sites and things to do. Of course, most people there do nothing at all, since simply being in the place directly influences the victim's mind with perfect bliss.

Plane Traits Edit

Physical Traits Edit

  • Gravity: Normal gravity, although the ground adjusts to falling people, so falling damage is impossible.
  • Time: Slow time. One round on the Material plane is a day in Paradise.
  • Size: Finite. Only one million beings with souls can inhabit it at a time (When a new being arrives, an old one is immediately kicked out to some habitable region of the Material plane). The actual area of the plane is infinite, however. Beings kicked out in this way do not gain bodies, and remain as incorporeal undead of some sort (DM's has ultimate say, but they generally become an incorporeal undead of a CR approximately within one point of the creature's previous CR).
  • Morphic: Alterable Morphic.

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits Edit

  • Elemental Dominance: None.
  • Energy Dominance: None.
  • Alignment Trait: Good-aligned, although some evil deities have figured out that banishing good people to Paradise is one of the most effective ways to eliminate them.
  • Magic Trait: Impeded magic. Any spell which relies on fear or pain is impeded.

Plane Links Edit

This plane is linked to the Astral plane.

Plane Inhabitants Edit

One million beings with souls inhabit this plane, lazing around in a stupor. Most of these beings are dead people, and as such do not have bodies.

Movement and Combat Edit

Mindless and soulless creatures can fight in this plane just like normal, although those with souls have great difficulty doing anything after more than a few rounds in this plane.

Features of the Plane Edit

Each round, you must make a Will save or become stunned with ecstasy for 1 round. The DC for the Will save is 15 for the first round you spend in this plane, and increases by 2 for every additional round you spend in the plane. Unlike with most saving throws, a natural 20 does not automatically succeed on this one. Anyone who has been stunned continuously for at least one hour in this plane cannot want to leave it, and therefore cannot be brought back to life with spells such as raise dead or resurrection.

Anyone who is removed from this plane is filled with hatred towards their remover for at least one day per decade spent in Paradise, although they don't necessarily know who did it.

People who die within this plane remain on this plane as souls.

Deities are immune to the special effects of this plane.

Plane Encounters Edit

Perhaps someone has placed golems to protect the inhabitants, or animated the skeletons of those who arrived here while alive.

Alternate Variances Edit

Instead of being a wonderful place filled with wonders, this is a subjective gravity plane filled with glowing whiteness.

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