To the people who do not know them the Arganomians are a strange people steeped in mystery. However, the Arganomians are a noble people who labor under a grim curse and fight a relentless war against the undead who would consume Altinia if not for their actions. To truly understand the Arganomians one must understand both their history and the land from which they come. It is true that the Arganomian worship their dead, but they do not venerate their ancestors above the gods as many believe. Yes it is also true that the Arganomian shamans have a deep understanding of the dread art of necromancy, but they use this knowledge in a war that if lost could cause a time of incredible darkness for all the people in Altinia.


The Arganomian people are a quiet and often morose people who are seldom given to strong displays of emotion. Yet within their silence can be seen a very strong passion for life that is to often shortened in the deadly swamps they call home.

Physical Description

Both the male and female Arganomian tend towards being rather short when compared to other humans with males averaging 5'5" to 5'10" and females averaging 5'2" to 5'7". They are a naturally thin people with males weighing between 135 lbs to 180 lbs and females ranging from 105 lbs to 140 lbs.

Because of their unusual history Argonomians tend to have unaturally colored hair ranging from dark purple to dark blue. Both men and women wear their long hair in dreads that are often adorned with twigs and other swamp vegetation. Neither men nor women grow facial hair of any kind. Eye colors also tend to be strange ranging the same hues as their hair. All told this strange coloration adds to the mystery in which the other people of Altinia view the Argonomians.


Because the Argonomian seldom leave their swamps they are viewed with a great deal of mystery and suspicion by the other Altinian people. Also because not many non Argonomians visit the swamps outsiders are viewed with distrust. However once an Argonomian gets to know someone from a different people they make strong and loyal friends who are willing to give everything to someone they truly consider friend.


The Argonomian people feel they have a sacred duty to destroy the rampant undead which inhabit their homeland and for this reason most tend toward a good alignment.

Arganomian Lands



Male Names

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Racial Traits

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