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Overwatch Powered Assault Suit (OPAS-200)[]


A Overwatch Powered Assault Suit

This state of the art protective system is colloquially feared, as its characteristic white appearance is associated in no small part with the Combine's finest. Elite soldiers and guards are hidden behind this gleaming white skin, the humans whose spirits were most shattered, and whose bodies were turned against their former friends and family most completely. The full-cover helmet also sports a distinct red lens, which grants the Combine Elite soldier fantastic perceptive capabilities. Amongst its protective qualities are heavy full body protection, fire and cold repelling material protection, complete toxic inhibitors, increased energetic protection, powered movement and a shield system.

Shield System: This system provides additional protection over the nominal armor and hit points increase that wearing the OPAS-200 warrants. Using Combine rechargers and portable shield batteries, the Powered Assault Suit is able of erecting a protective shield around the wearer's body that nullifies light weapons fire and soaks the brunt of damage taken. The shield system can contain up to 100 shield points, which represent the number of hit points that the shield possesses. The shield bestows upon its wearer damage reduction 10/- for as long as the shield holds. The damage deducted like this from every attack is dealt to the shield. When the shield is completely siphoned, the damage reduction disappears, until it is recharged.

Armor Bonus: 9

Max Dex Bonus: 2

Armor Check Penalty: -6

Special: Immunity to poison and ambient radiation, +5 to Fortitude saves made against direct contact to radioactive materials, +2 to all saves, +2 to Constitution, land speed +10 ft., +10 circumstance bonus to Spot checks, resistance to fire 10 and cold 10.

Cost: Unresolved

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