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Otherworldly Countenance [Abyssal Heritor][]

Your abyssal heritage manifests itself in your extreme good looks. Your beautiful appearance is unsettling to those around you- even to your foes!

Tier: Heroic

Prerequisite: Cha 18, Demonic Ancestry.

Benefit: You can use the Undeniable beauty power as an encounter power.

Undeniable Beauty Feat Power
Your gaze enthralls your foe, and he finds himself unable to harm you.
Action Type::Immediate Interrupt Melee
Trigger: You are targeted by a melee attack
Target: The attacking creature.
Attack: Charisma +2 per 3 abyssal heritor feats you possess Vs. Will
Hit: The target must select a different target for the attack or end its attack.

Special: You take a -2 penalty to intimidate skill checks, as your beautiful countenance makes you difficult to fear.

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