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Orb of Elemental Summoning: This finely hewn orb is created out of masterfully polished white mineral, teeming with gentle friscellating flows of multiple colors tracing its semi-opaque surface. Carrying energy within it gathered from all four traditional elemental planes, the orb can be used to call forth an elemental of any cardinal type into being once per day. Orbs of elemental summoning come in the following qualities.

Type Elemental summoned Duration Diameter Weight
I Small Elemental (any) 5 rounds 2 inches ¼ lb.
II Medium Elemental (any) 10 rounds 3 inches 1 lb.
III Large Elemental (any) 12 rounds 4 inches 2 lb.
IV Huge Elemental (any) 14 rounds 6 inches 6 lb.
V Greater Elemental (any) 16 rounds 8 inches 12 lb.

Aura: Moderate conjuration.
Prereqs: Craft Wondrous Item, summon monster III (Type I), V (Type II), VI (Type III), VII (Type IV) or VIII (Type V); CL 5th (Type I), CL 10th (Type II), CL 12th (Type III), CL 14th (Type IV), CL 16th (Type V).
Value: 10,800 gp (Type I), 36,000 gp (Type II), 51,840 gp (Type III), 70,560 gp (Type IV), 92,160 (Type V)

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