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Omni-Metamagic Rod Edit

{{#set:Summary=A metamagic rod which fuses all rods into a single unified object, making it far easier to have the rod you need on hand.}}

The omni-metamagic rod, also known as the omnirod, is a golden rod with a head of a heavy mace, and covered in various colored crystals. It acts as a +1 Heavy Mace, and has at least one metamagic rod ability identical to other metamagic rod. What makes the omni-rod special is that it need not be limited to possessing a single metamagic trait. An omni-metamagic rod could contain the lesser quicken spell metamagic rod powers, as well as the normal extend spell and greater silent spell metamagic powers.

Besides allowing a spellcaster to carry all his metamagic rods on hand at ready at once, an omni-metamagic rod with a higher weapon enhancement bonus can use more than one metamagic from its rod powers at once. Normally you could only employ one metamagic rod, for example silent rod OR still rod, and not both. If your rod is at least +2 enhancement bonus you can apply silent AND still, using charges from each rod as you do so. If your rod is at least +3 bonus, you may stack up to 3 metamagic effects, and so forth. This only applies to enhancement bonuses inherent to the weapon itself, and not special qualities or the effects of spells such as greater magic weapon providing a temporary bonus.

The cost of the omni-metamagic rod is 3315 gp base plus the cost of whatever component metamagic rods it duplicates (minimum 1 such rod) with a 500g surcharge. A Lesser Silent, Normal Extend Rod is 3315 + 3000 + 500 + 11000 + 500 = 18,315g and provides Silent Spell metamagic to 3rd level or lower spells 3/day, Extend Spell metamagic to 6th level and lower spells 3/day, and acts as a +1 Heavy Mace.

Strong (no school); CL 17th; Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Rod, the appropriate metamagic feat; Price Cost::3,315 gp + metamagic rod plus surcharge of 500 per rod.

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