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Ogre Mountain Brew[edit | edit source]

Summary::A strong beer (some would say sludge) that tastes something like mud.

This thick beer has a consistency similar to that of syrup (largely because it isn't filtered at all during the brewing process), and few besides ogres find its taste appealing. With their large tolerance for alcohol, ogres do not even bother selling mountain brew in pints — they sell it in kegs. This fact has led more than one humanoid to believe that the beer is weak and consume several pints at once — a mistake they often regret when they wake up several days later with a pounding headache and no idea where (or who) they are.

A character who consumes a tankard of ogre mountain brew must pass a DC 16 Fortitude save or become intoxicated (see Arms and Equipment Guide, page 32).

Cost: 150 gp per keg.

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