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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: V-shaped sign with 8-pointed starburst spiraling outward
Home Plane: Beastlands (Krigala) and Material Plane; see text
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Life, evolution, courage, and love.
Clergy Alignments: Neutral Good, Lawful Good, Chaotic Good, True Neutral
Domains: Air, Animal, CommunitySpC, CompetitionSpC, CourageSpC, Good, Strength
Favored Weapon: Bite or Lance

Summary::Benevolent god of growth and potential, he promotes survival through bravery and love. Arch-nemesis to Malazter, and technically a part of the planet itself. Oan has a terrible relationship with his "brother" Malazter, God of Hatred and Entropy. Created at the same moment, Oan represented a spiralling expansion of life which growths without direct sentience, while Malazte represented a desire with a weak presence of body. Oan chose to spread his will out among the world of Cor so that those living upon its lands may know free will, while Malazter remained focused, and unable to touch the world. Weaker than his brother but everpresent, Oan bides his time acting as a barrier between its people and Malazter's horrors from the depths.

Oan appears to be a massive white and gray lung dragon, covered in fur and adorned with small wings, multiple limbs (typically six) and a long tail. He is usually depicted as a cheerful god known for his wide grin. While a spiritual presence of Oan exists a large part of its actual body has been intergrated into the planet of Cor itself, manifesting itself as strange mountain ranges. Grown over by the world, itis said in times of need that te great coils encircling the world awaken and act to protect its people. Others claim it is a failsafe... that Oan left his body as an ark to ferry his people away from the planet when all hope was lost. The truth remains a mystery, but one thing is certain, a god slees somewhere upon the earth.

Dogma Edit

For all the trouble Malazter gives him, Oan gives very little back, being almost unaware of his brother's seething rage. In truth he is aware, but cares not. Accepting and desiring little, Oan only wishes for prosperity and hope. In times of trouble,he desires a positive outcome at the end of it all. Thus those who follow him follow a path of instilling hope and fighting against evil for a brighter future.

Clergy and Temples Edit

Clerics of Oan tend to be benevolent healers and a cosiderable amount are druids, thanks to his strong connections to nature. Those who take up the more courage-focused aspects become paladins, who show surprising hotblood not typically associated with "stuffy, lawful paladins". Temples are laid back and unfinished, designed for comfort and simplicity over glamour. Spirals are a common symbol and design motif, as is wave forms. Prayer is celebrated with food, and eating is a ritual in celebrating life.

Pantheon Edit

Oan is part of the Cor pantheon.

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