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Symbol: Three circles surrounding three arrows
Home Plane: The Warp
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Disease, Decay, Entropy, Acceptance, Destruction, Family, Death, Immortality, Earth, Despair, Corruption, Morbidity
Clergy Alignments: Neutral Evil, Lawful Evil, Chaotic Evil
Domains: Death, Disease, Entropy, Decay, Wrath, Despair, Earth, Ooze, Corruption,
Favored Weapon: Scythe, Sickle, Sword
File:Nurgle mark.png

Nurgle's holy symbol.

Summary::Lord of Plagues

Nurgle is one of the four major Chaos Powers. He is titled the Great Lord of Decay and represents morbidity, disease and physical corruption. Of the Four Chaos gods he is said to be the most involved with the plight of mortals. Those afflicted by his contagions often turn to him in order to escape their suffering. The physical likeness of Nurgle is described as gigantic and bloated with corruption, with foul-coloured leathery and necrotic skin.

Despite this, he is very amiable and cares very greatly about his followers and daemons.


Nurgle teaches that family is very important, husbands should be loving to their wives and treat them as equals, not as mere toys. He teaches that children should be loved dearly and to harm one is to incur his wrath. He also decrees that disease and death is not something to fear, for worshipping him will free one from death and remove the harmful effects of disease. He also firmly believes that one should take joy in spreading disease. He also opposes change for the sake of change, for what is the use of it if all things decay and rot? If all things rust and corrode?

Clergy and Temples[]

Humans who are cursed with retardation, illness, various plagues, horrible wounds or starvation often start praying to Nurgle, if there isn't any other god who will hear their moaning.Followers of Nurgle still bear all marks of pestilence but it doesn't kill them. Instead, it makes them even tougher. Sometimes human cultists of Nurgle look more like Zombies than like the living. He clergy tends to dress in rotting or decaying attire, and armor themselves in rusted armor, but though it is rusted, it is no less potent.

Temples to him tend to be great rotting places full of disease and decay, and cities where temples to Nurgle can be place tend to already be either in his grasp alone or in the grasp of Chaos. Thus the populace has no need to worry about it. Those who enter his temples are welcomed warmly as if they were part of a great loving family.


Within the Pantheon of the Chaos gods, Nurgle opposes Slannesh for his love of torture, and opposes Tzeentch most of all, for his dogma of change for the sake of change and constant evolution is at odds with Nurgle's decaying aspect. He is on lukewarm terms with Khorne, for while he likes Khorne's death aspect, he isn't quite sure about his rage aspect. Other Minor chaos gods are generally beneath his notice.

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