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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A Scorpion's Stinger
Home Plane: Hell
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Goblins, Insects, Conquest
Clergy Alignments: 1 alignment step away
Domains: Earth, Evil, Law, Vermin
Favored Weapon: Natural Stinger attack or sickle

Summary:: The Goblinoid deity of Insects, generally specific to the world of Jadukar.

Dogma Edit

Clergy and Temples Edit

Temples exist in underground tunnels, typically in a warm climate of jungle, forest, or swamp. It is infested with insects of ordinary, monstrous, and fiendish varieties. Clerics of Nujiik sometimes wear armor made of monstrous vermin chitin or sew the armor into their flesh to create an "exoskeleton." (Campaign flavor note: create enemy Fiendish goblin clerics with scale mail that when you describe it to players call it a true pitch black exoskeleton).

Pantheon Edit

Nujiik is a second tier deity amongst Goblinoid Deities, representing swarming through goblins breeding rapidly. He answers to Malyglubet or whatever his name is.

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