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Balance: Fighter

Now I Can! {{#set:Type=General}} Summary::Hmm, can anyone in the party swim? No? One sec... now I can! Prerequisites: Prerequisite::Int 13Benefit: You may drain up to 1 skill point every two levels from one of your skills and reassign those ranks elsewhere as a swift action. Ranks go on a 1 for 1 basis, allowing you to place ranks in cross-class skills with no penalty, but the number of ranks in the skill can never exceed have your character level (so a 10th level character with 2 ranks in Tumble can add an additional 3 points from this feat's benefit). The swapped points remain that way for 10 minutes or until dismissed as a free action. You may employ this skill swapping a number of times equal to your Intelligence modifier/day.Normal: When you put skill points in a skill, they are fixed.

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