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Background Edit
Norzak was once a boy like any other,
howeverer one day an adventurer accidently put Norzak into a pocket universe!
Through circumstances unknown to today's races he was... changed.
Now Norzak possessed immense power, including a proficiency in necromancy!
Goals Edit
To trap humanities' souls the same way his was trapped for all those years!
in the Campaign Edit

Norzak has no true location and only shows himself to necromancers.

= Description Edit

Usually he has no apearence but that of a shadow, however he sometimes takes on the form of a lich.

Sign Edit

Pfft! His sign is pure evil.





Malefic Properties Edit

Anathematic Secrecy: Immune to all divine divination spells and effects.

Added Migh: If you worship him once a day you get 1,000 gp a day and 100 exp a day,

unless its the last day of the week, in which case you get 4x that much. 

(up to 10,000 gp and 1,000 exp a week)

Encounter Information Edit

Mortals may not commune with Norzak!

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