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In the world of Nor Galad, nothing is as it seems. The empires, seemingly in control, is on the brink of corruption. The Dark Warlocks, ancient in thier trade, seemingly mad and evil, one of the most-non threatening orginzations in all the land. Civilized barbarians and orcs establish kingdoms together, while still being known as Beasts, drow cities in the sky, who have pulles away from the darkness, still known as the Purest of evil? '

This is Nor Galad, where nothing is as it seems.

As a player, you may have learned some of the truths of the world on your travels, or perhaps Old grandpa Dritzil, your mentor from the country side, (who happened to be an epic tier tiefling warlock) told you the Ancient Stories, and you set off to be an adventurer, to cleanse the superstitions of the world.

In Nor Galad, the people of the world, although happy and content, are unwise, and cruel people. They consider most races other than themselves to be inferior and evil: once they have been shown the truth, most realize their mistakes, but are to afraid to stand up against the goverements propaganda. Some old-bartenders may have been friends with orcs, tieflings, and drow, and after there long adventurers, setled down, only to realize that he can't do anything against the goverment.

Most characters roles, in the world of NG, is the not one of a savior, but one who shows the truth. Instead of going against the goverment directly, you may go on quests to the Barbarian lands, or to the sky, to gain the trust of different races. And when gained the trust of, moving on, until you confront the Empires again, and show them there errors.

Alot of characters in NG are also of a more evil alignment, such as some -brb-

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