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Orcs: These fearsome "creatures" are usually of no threat to the Empires, but will occasionally raid outer lying villages. There has been no great move against the Orcs yet, as they are not considered a threat.
Clackers: Few know about these dark and dangerous creatures, and those who do don't want to ecounter them. These small but fearsome creatues feed of of human souls and store them In shadow crystals: some believe that they are bringing the souls to The Shrouded One.
Jugernauts: Juggernauts are large creatues, capable of human like speech if taught. They have trouble getting over there wolf-like instincts. They are dangerous as foe, but are generally left alone. They are very quick learners, and can learn languages and combat moves very quickly. They are very intimadating, covered in spiked, with claw/hands, which make most people run in fear. They are not widely known. DM: Juggernaut were sent there by the Dwarven God and Nature god as a protection against the clackers.
Drow: Not all Drow are evil, but most are. The biggest threat to the Kingdoms right now is the drow that reside in the shade caverns, the Malrath.

Malrath The Malrath are evil elves who succumbed to the powers of the elder three, letting ink and darkness pour through their skin, tainting it ebony. It is said that when a Drow Malrath is born, the skin is not ebony, but a different shade, and is then pigmented by The Three. The malrath are extremely dangerous, and are masters of dark magic,poisons, and tracking. The shade caverns are located on a 100 mile long stretch under some of the largest kingdoms in the world, and the Malrath are getting impatient. They are one of the most dangerous creatures around. Another large threat to the empires are the Wasteland Drow.
Wasteland Drow:

Other Monsters: Other monsters include: Everything in the books.

Monsters who have specific story roles or are special to Nor Galad will be included here. The orcs were included because they play an important roll in different places and times in Nor galad. Trolls, Giants, and other creatures will be included later. Some creatures, will not be "official" monsters in Nor Galad, such as the Tarsque from MM1, because they are directly related to a different world.

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