Backgrounds for Nor GaladEdit

There are a wide veriety of people in Nor Galad, each person with there own indivual life and background. These are some common racial backgrounds in Nor Galad.

Common Racial Backgrounds


Mountain Nomad: You were raised all your life on the alps on some high mountain, far away from civilization. Perhaps your family lived in a small village created by their own two hands, or perhaps you were mountain walkers, wandering with the herds, to settle down once a month at a gathering place. Maybe you parents saw more darkness in you than other tiefligs, and secluded you, so you would not follow the path of evil. Or were they escaping from a dark path from the Shadow caves, cleansing their soul.
Associated Skills: History, Nature
Dark Dynasty: You succumbed to the darkness of your Devilish Ancestory, turning to the Shadow Caves, you sought more power. Perhaps that power overwhelmed you, leaving just a trace of the power, realizing you acts of evil, but not willing to relinquish the remaining power, or perhaps you used that power, but turned on the drow, and Used your powers for good. Or just maybe, you accepted that Darkness into your soul, and have become a dread embodiment of evil, waiting to murder all in your path.-No paladin or cleric option here (unless Blackwatch)-
Associated skills: Dungeoneering,Arcana
Urban Legend: On the dangerous back streets, you have learned to be silent, and you have become strong. Perhaps you were a backstreet merchant, keeping your identity hidden, while selling your ill-gotten gains, or maybe a leader of a thives guild, none ut your closest advisors knew your face. Or perhaps you grew up alone on the streets, and make a few pacts with the wrong devil.
Associated Skills: Streetwise,Stealth


Dwarven ambassador: You have been raised since a child to haggle, to buy low and sell high, and dominate the marketing world. Perhaps you then became a Dwarven ambassador, in charge of a whole Dwarven empires economics. Perhaps now you have put down this role, and have continued as an adventuerer.
Associated Skills:Diplomacy,Insight
Banker: Much like the dwarven ambassador, you have been raised your whole life around money- however, unlike the ambassador, you have been raised as an owner of a single bank, a family run bank-or even as an average every day banking manager. Whatever the reason is, whether you went on a rampage and killed your boss, or just grew tired of your job, your now an adventurer on the road...

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