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Nor Galad, or The legends of Nor Galad[edit | edit source]

Created By
Liosrakia (talk)
Date Created: 02-08-2010
Status: working
Editing: Please feel free to edit constructively!

Player's Guide

Just Came back from a break of one year (haha). Will be putting more stuff up--Unfinished simple description-on different computer, trying to relocate (still)- may go in Introduction.

...but, over the horizon, darkness lurks, waiting to consume the land.


To avoid Confusion, I will be putting -DM- In front of anything for Dungeon Master. Anything not labeled DM is for player's.

Campaign Guide(For DM's Only)[edit | edit source]

DM Introduction
DM Adventuring
DM Magic
DM Cosmology
DM Pantheon
DM Monsters
DM Threats
DM Organizations

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