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Balance: Wizard

Nobody Shift [{{#arraymap: Nobody|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::Alters the physical make-up of a Nobody into a different type of lower Nobody. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Nobody Level 4|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: You gain an ability similar to Alter Self, except you choose your form from the Nobody list provided. This effect lasts for 1 min./per level. When transformed your armor and weaponry are replaced, and you cannot use items until the effect has worn off, everything else about you remains the same. You may use this ability once per day, plus one time per 4 levels.


Lower Nobodies

The only known Nobody with this ability is Xemnas, leader of Organization XIII. It was implied by Axel that Nobody types could be changed when he said that Xemnas had the power to change him into a Dusk.

Table: Table of Lower Nobodies
Type Weapon/Damage Type Base Attack Damage AC Crit.
Dusk Whip-Like Arms/Slash - 1d2x3 16 x2
Creeper Javelin-Like Limbs/Piercing - 1d6 16 x2
Dragoon Spear/Piecing +2 1d8 20 x3
Assassin Whip-Like Arms/Slash +3 1d2x3 18 x2
Samurai Katana/Slash - 1d8 18 19-20/x2
Sniper Crossbow/Piercing +3 1d6 17 19-20/x2
Dancer Unarmed/Bludgeon +2 1d2x6 15 x2
Berserker Hammer/Bludgeon +4 1d8 16 x3
Gambler Gambling Cards/Piercing - 1d2 16 x2
Sorcerer Force Cubes/Bludgeon +3 1d8 16 x2

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