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Hero Deity
Symbol: A blood red outline of a Dragon skull on a black background
Home Plane: Olympian Galdes of Arborea
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Birth, Creation, Nature, Travel, War
Favored Weapon: Dual-Scimitar

A mortal that has reached the ultimate pinnacle of power

Standing at five foot six and only around 120 pounds, this human seems to be more then a little Elven. He wears a sleeveless shirt, pants, and boots, all black. His cape is also black. On his shirt is a blood red outline of a dragon’s skull laying on a black background. His only visible weapon is a dual-scimitar carried across his shoulders. HE is also smoking a pipe.

Dogma Edit

Few follow Newrok, but those that do always believe that every action creates something, no matter how destructive that action is. A war ends thousands of live, but creates a new country. This is their motto. They have no home, because that would stop them from seeing creation in its infinite forms. They have few enemies. If the person wants only to destroy, they will never be seen around that person. They are willing to go to war if the cause is great enough. After all, Newrok fought in countless wars during his travels, and they continue today. Many clerics of Newrok have two deities. Newrok and another as their patron. Newrok is fine with this as he can't grant spells. HE never discovered this power.

Clergy and Temples Edit

The clergy keeps no temple. That would take form nature and ruin its beauty. The only church that there is for Newrok is in the hearts of people. War is the only time prayers are sent to him. Followers believe that he then studies the war and picks the side that is the most just and fight fort them as simple foot soldier. His only request for followers is to look at for Rage, one of his own brothers bent on killing him.

Pantheon Edit


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