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{{#set:Type=Plane}}{{#set:Summary=A plane of pure nothingness.}}


With access points in the darkest parts of all planes, Nevervoid is a realm of pure darkness. In Nevervoid, one cannot see. There is no need to, because there is no ground, no buildings, and few creatures. The only sounds able to be heard are faint cries of insane creatures, and the howling of wind, which sounds nearby, but judging by the wind on one's face, can't be.

Plane Traits[]

Physical Traits[]

  • Gravity: Heavy Subjective. The gravitaional direction is chosen by you, though it is always twice as strong as gravity on the material palne.
  • Time: Normal. Time moves the same in Nevervoid as it does in the Material Plane.
  • Size: Infinite. Nevervoid has no planar boundaries.

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[]

  • Elemental Dominance: None.
  • Energy Dominance: None.
  • Magic Trait: Impeded magic. Spells or Powers that control the level of light are impeded.

Plane Links[]

Directly linked to the Astral Plane and the Plane of Shadow. Linked through permanent portals to all planes.

Plane Inhabitants[]

Creatures that stumble upon a portal into nevervoid rarely find threre way out. They are warped by the pure darkness and end up completely insane and Voidwarped

Movement and Combat[]

Movement and combat work the same as on the material plane, with the exception of the gravity. However, due to the complete darkness, many creatures suffer from Voidwarping.

Upon entering the plane, you must make a DC 10 Will save to avoid the maddening effects of Voidwarping. Every day you spend in the plane increases the DC +1. If you fail you gain the Voidwarped template for 1 month, after which if you fail your DC 20 Will save it becomes permanent.

Features of the Plane[]

There is no light or landscape within the plane, only a howling wind and the occational mad creature. Despite the volume of the wind, there is merely a pleasant breeze around you. Occational objects pass by, usually the equipment of unlucky, or unwitting adventurers.

Plane Encounters[]

Encounter in nevervoid are only with voidwarped creatures. They attack sane beings, possibly through jealousy, possibly through fear, and possibly because they're insane and don't realise they're attacking.

Alternate Variances[]

There may be light beacons within the plane which act as safe zones. Whilst within, beings are not subject to Voidwarping.

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