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Balance: Wizard

Needles Mastery [Type::General] [[Summary::Your mastery of assassin needles allow you to perform stunning maneuvrers.]] Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::Weapon Focus (assassin needles)]], Prerequisite::Base Attack Bonus +4, [[Prerequisite::Sneak Attack Class Feature.]]Benefit: Your mastery of the needles allow you to perform 3 special maneuvers: Assassin Precision, Battle Acupuncture, Multiple Throw. These maneuvers can only be used with assassin needles.

Assassin Precision: Once per round, you may as a immediate action (that provokes no AoO) apply your Intelligence modifier to both attack and damage of one attack. The extra damage does not affect creatures with immunity to Critical Hits.

Battle Acupuncture: As a Full-Round action, you may make one attack (melee or range) a Battle Acupuncture Attack. By attacking the targets nervous system and muscles you may throw them in a stupor, paralysing (Fortitude Negate) them for 1d4+1 round and be slowed for 2d4+ your dexterity modifier round. The DC of this ability is Intelligence or Dexterity based (whichever is higher). Even if the target succeeds his save he is still slowed. If a critical hit or Sneak attack is scored with this Maneuver, double the duration of the Slow/Paralysis effect.

Multiple Throw: With a full round action, the needles thrower may send 4 Needles (with highest attack bonus) at the same time (all on the same person or on multiple targets, at the throwers discretion). Each of the needles take a -2 on attack roll.

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