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Necromantic Ioun Stones

Summary::These stones are much like normal ioun stones, though they have been created using necromantic powers. When activated, they will begin to float around the head of the user. See further rules in the SRD concerning the general rules of ioun stones.

The rituals to craft these magical ioun stones are far more intense and often involves sacrifice, mostly of animals and other monsters. One thing is sure, there is always a cost to creating necromantic ioun stones, whether it is temporary hit points or ability score loss, or something far more dangerous. Necromancers have also been known to create greater ioun stones offering more than just one power. See the Eluan Eye for more information on this.

Color Shape Effect Value
Obsidian Prism Iron Will (as the feat) Cost::8,000 gp
Crimson Prism Darkvision 60 feet Cost::10,000 gp
Bone White Spindle detect undead (constant) Cost::13,000 gp
Black Ellipsoid Raises the wielder from death after 1d4 days Cost::25,000 gp
Shadowy Any Makes the caster incorporeal Cost::100,000 gp

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