Lesser Deity (Neutral)

Whenever goliaths reach a summit, pass, or high point safely, they offer thanks to Naki-Uthai, paragon of bravery and deity of climbing. Naki-Uthai urges his followers to push themselves to the limit and fear no great height or narrow ledge. Naki-Uthai is also known for having arms that hang down to the ground—all the better for reaching high handholds. Goliaths consider it heretical to depict Naki-Uthai descending rather than ascending.

Portfolio: Mountains, climbing, bravery.

Domains: Earth, Strength, Sun.

Cleric Training: Would-be clerics of the goliath pantheon learn about Naki-Uthai during an extended climbing expedition. As they scale sheer cliffs and inch their way along narrow ledges, the goliaths are expected to pray to Naki-Uthai and meditate on the value of bravery.

Quests: When something wonderful is rumored to lie just beyond the mountains or at the top of a particular peak, Naki-Uthai is the first to encourage an expedition there. Finding new lands for a goliath tribe and slaying a dragon that lairs on a mountain summit are typical quests associated with Naki-Uthai.

Prayers: Naki-Uthi's prayers are often in verse. Frequently, the first line or two is whispered, with each successive line delivered at greater volume until the prayer ends with a shout.

Shrines: By tradition, the first goliath to climb a mountain then builds a cairn or other marker that claims the peak for Naki-Uthai. Fierce mountain weather often destroys these shrines, so goliaths who reach a peak and don’t find a shrine often make a pile of rocks just to be sure Naki-Uthai is represented on the mountain.

Rites: Naki-Uthai has ceremonies for starting a journey and reaching a mountain peak—and by extension, any geographical goal. He also has a call-and-response liturgy known as the “exhortation of bravery” that almost every goliath knows by heart.

Herald and Allies: Naki-Uthai’s herald is a 7th-level storm giant barbarian. His allies are Medium, Large, and Huge earth elementals.

Favored Weapon: Heavy pick.

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