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dream weaver

|name=dream weaver |al=lawful evil or chaotic evil |size=mid |type= god |init=11111d20 |listen=1111111d6 9d1000 |spot=9d10000 |ac=9000d20 |touch=instant death |flat=N/A |hp=99999d6 |hd=9999 |fort=999d6 |ref=999d6 |will=999999d20 |spd=N/a |bab=NA |grp=1d7+50000 }} -challenge rating:200

===Strategies and Tactics===dream weavers like to stay in there plain for while in there plain they can not die of old age and are immensely stronger they like to use wipe memory on unsuspecting victims. they chose to avoid there plains sole guardian as much as possible they always have a few evil dolls to back them up. ===combat=== SUMMON EVIL DOLL: when not dormant a dream weaver can go dormant for 1d6 years and summon 1d20 evil dolls PLAIN SHIFT: dream weavers own a whole plain. they can control that plain any way they like! SOLE GARUDIAN: each dream weaver has an enemy called a sole guardian. it looks like an animal but is actually a little more powerful then 5 great wyrm gold dragons! this sole guardians only purpose is to destroy the dream weaver. they can not be controlled by the dream weavers SHIFT PLANE. sole guardians cannot die if they take fatal damage the go dormant for 1d6 years.

===Sample Encounters===n/a


Environment: they can leave there plane but almost never do

Typical Physical Characteristics: a man or women with button eyes

Alignment: chaotic/evil or lawful/evil


===Society=== by them seleves ===language=== all

===Sample Lair=== anything they desire

===Typical Treasure=== depends on the plane

===For Player Characters===n/a

===Creatures As Characters===n/a

===Creatures With Class Levels===n/a

===Advanced Creatures===n/a

===helper=== each dream weaver may have one animal type that is plentiful there plane thease animals shell listen to the dream weaver and get +350 on every thing.

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