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A group of Mord-Sith armed with Agiel.

You can use the following class features in place of First Strike, Rogue Weapon Talent and Sneak Attack. If you use this variant, you gain the Mord-Sith class features in place of those class features. You still gain the Rogue Fighting Style class feature.

Mord-Sith (Rogue Variant)Edit

The Mord-Sith are an elite sect of mostly female warriors that specialise in the arts of torture and the infliction of pain. Every Mord-Sith uses a weapon called an Agiel to inflict pain on their foes—even the slightest touch to the right place is enough to cause unbearable agony.


A Mord-Sith.

Trainee Mord-Sith are selected from only the gentlest and kindest girls, and are "trained" on three levels. Each time, a trainee must be "broken". The first level involves a Mord-Sith teacher torturing her to breaking point and beyond with an Agiel, so that she will obey any and all orders from the Mord-Sith teacher without question and is utterly devoted to her teacher. This breaks her sense of self. At the second breaking, she must watch as the Mord-Sith teacher slowly tortures her mother to death with the Agiel. This breaks her compassion. At the final, and arguably most difficult, breaking, she is given an Agiel and she must torture her own father to death. This completes her training.

Mord-Sith typically wear skintight leather armor in one of three colors, depending on the occasion. Blood red leather is worn when the Mord-Sith is practicing the art of torture on a victim (also called "training" a victim), as the color hides the blood better. White leather is worn when a Mord-Sith selects one of her victims to be her mate, as a sign that she no longer needs an Agiel on her victim/mate (a Mord-Sith's mate never survives for long). Brown leather is worn on all other occasions.

Having suffered the agony of Mord-Sith "training", you are now unleashed upon the world to inflict pain and suffering where you deem fit. But did your training really break you, and are you the heartless torturess Mord-Sith are made out to be?


Characteristics: You rely on their ability to inflict agony to incapacitate or kill their victims. You are very maneuvrable, so you rely on moving constantly and inflicting aginy with your Agiel.

Religion: Evil Mord-Sith prefer deities such as Lolth and Zehir, while other mord-Sith prefer deities such as Sehanine.

Races: As the most compassionate girls make the most vicious Mord-Sith, elves and half-elves make good Mord-Sith, but Drow, with their pre-disposition towards cruelty, would make excellent Mord-Sith, if only a compasionate young drow could be found.

Agiel ProficiencyEdit


A Mord-Sith in her red leather.

You are proficient with the Agiel, and you can use it with any rogue power that normally requires a light blade.

Inflict AgonyEdit

Once per turn, when you hit an enemy with an attack made using your Agiel, you can inflict agony as a minor action. The attack deals extrav damage against one enemy of your choice. The extra damage is based on your level.

Level Inflict Agony Extra damage
1st - 10th +1d8
11th - 20th +2d8
21st - 30th + 3d8

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