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{{#set:Summary=Using your opponents momentum you move them in the opposite direction }} {{#set:Discipline=Short Blade|Type=Counter}}

Momentum Redirect
Short Blade (Counter)
Level: Level::1
Initiation Action: Swift
Range: Personnal
Target: One creature
Saving Throw: Reflex

You use your opponents momentum against them causing them to move in the wrong direction.

If your opponent runs more then 10 feet at you and they would normally stop you can redirect them in any direction which they must then follow through with for the rest of their movement if they have any left except for the way they came. Example, If someone with 30 movement ran at you from 10 feet away you could redirect them and they would have to keep going for the other 20 feet in the direction you redirected them to. When this is happening your opponent can choose to make a reflex save to try to stop this, the DC is 11+ dex mod.

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