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{{#set:Summary=Make attack as touch attack, shove target back. }} {{#set:Discipline=Mental Grip|Type=Strike}}

Mighty Tap
Mental Grip (Strike)
Level: Level::4
Initiation Action: 1 standard action
Range: Melee attack
Target: One creature
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Reflex partial

As you tap your opponent with your weapon, you suddenly jerk it forward with a telekinetic burst, penetrating their defenses and shoving them back.

As a part of this maneuver, you make a single melee attack as a melee touch attack. In addition, your target must make a Reflex save (save DC 14 + your Charisma modifier) or be pushed back (away from you) a number of feet equal to your damage roll and knocked prone.

If you expend your psionic focus as a part of initiating this maneuver and successfully hit, you deal bonus damage equal to your initiator level.

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