Created By: LordRimus
Date Created: 20th February 2018
Status: Finished
Edit: Grammar Only
Balance: Wizard

Price: Lots
Body Slot: Held
Caster Level: Epic
Aura: Universal
Activation: Use-activated
Weight: 5 lbs

Epic Metamagic Stuff Edit

This stuff grants the ability to use following metamagic feats to the user 3 times per day each, as if the user had actual feats learned. Each use after 3 times spends 2 charges.

  • Empower Spell
  • Enlarge Spell
  • Extend Spell
  • Heighten Spell
  • Maximize Spell
  • Persistent Spell
  • Quicken Spell
  • Rapid Spell
  • Silent Spell
  • Still Spell
  • Twin Spell

While holding this staff, user don't have a need for any somatic elements for her spells, and have Automatic Still Spell metamagic feat's advantages without rising spell's level for any spell.

The Metamagic Stiff gives the wielder spell resistance 20 while in hand. If this is willingly lowered, however, the staff can also be used to absorb arcane spell energy directed at its wielder, as a rod of absorption does. Unlike the rod, this staff converts spell levels into charges rather than retaining them as spell energy usable by a spellcaster. The stuff cannot absorb more than it's capacity of 50 charges. After it's full, it no longer absorbs, and function normally.

Prerequisites: Caster Level 25, Craft Staff, Craft Epic Staff, Wish, Every Metamagic feat used in the staff.
Cost to Create: 122,000 gp, 18660 EXP, 28 days.

One can create less powerful version, with less metamagic feats, lessen pererequisites accordingly.

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