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Metal Sleeve

Exotic Unarmed Melee

Cost: 200 gp
Damage (Small): 1d6
Damage (Medium)1: 1d8
Critical: ×3
Range Increment:
Weight2: 20 lbs
Type3: Bludgeoning
HP4: 25
Hardness: 20

1. See Damage Increases by Size to calculate the damage for a weapon larger than Medium or smaller than Small.
2. Weight figures are for Medium weapons. A Small weapon weighs half as much, and a Large weapon weighs twice as much.
3. When two types are given, the weapon is both types if the entry specifies "and", either type (player's choice at time of attack) if the entry specifies "or", or each end of the double weapon is a different type if the entry specifies "/".
4. The hp value given is for Medium armor, weapons, and shields. Divide by 2 for each size category of the item smaller than Medium, or multiply it by 2 for each size category larger than Medium.

The metal sleeve is a sleeve of wire mesh made of Ysgardian Heartwire with half inch-thick metal plates on the forearm, shoulder, back of the hand, and each knuckle, making it quite heavy and dangerous when being used by someone who can move comfortably with it on.

The metal sleeve is a one-handed melee weapon that cannot be wielded in two hands.

A character cannot wield a metal sleeve that is any size category other than theirs, no matter what the conditions.

A character must have a Strength score of at least 16 to wield a metal sleeve.

If a character is dual wielding metal sleeves then they receive a +2 shield bonus to their AC.

Whenever a character with the Improved Unarmed Strike feat wields this weapon, they deal damage as though they were one size category larger than what they actually are.

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