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Master of the Primordial {{#set:Type=General}} Summary::Your mastery over raw chaos rivals that of the oldest gods, allowing you to shape it into entire planes of existence. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Reality Shaper, 18+ ranks in Craft|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: When you have Raw Chaos, you may expend it to create a demiplane as a standard action. See the section on creating demiplanes under Sites and Seats of power; your caster level is equal to your Craft ranks, and the save DC is 9 + 1/2 your Craft ranks + your Intelligence modifier. You may create a coterminous or tangent plane, and tangent planes may have boundaries or be self-contained. If this is done as part of the process of creating an artifact, the plane may also be item-bound. When you create the plane, you must make a Craft check after making all decisions for the plane; if not stressed (such as by making the plane as a refuge while in combat), you can take 10. The plane created is spherical, with a radius equal to 10 feet times your craft check result, or cylindrical, with a radius of 20 feet times your craft check result and a height of 20 feet per rank in craft that you have. The planar environment can be made out of anything that can be Fabricated from its basic components with a check 20 less than your check result.

Getting a plane with the traits you want is a base DC of 10, plus the trait value of the plane. If you fail the check, randomly choose a planar trait, remove its DC adjustment, and replace the trait with whatever you get for free (if you have multiple options, pick one at random).

After creating your demiplane, you may expand it, adding to its primary dimension with another Craft check, as a week's work for no additional expenditure of Raw Chaos. A second expansion requires more Raw Chaos. You can expand it for free once after each time you spend Raw Chaos to grow the plane, before you spend Raw Chaos again.

Creating demiplanes with this feat is a Supernatural ability.

You also gain power over Divinely Morphic planes. You may cause any region on a Divinely Morphic plane to revert to its normal planar traits as a full-round action, with a Craft check opposing a level check or craft check from its original reshaper, if present (if not, or if the original reshaper doesn't oppose you, you automatically succeed). A day's work can allow you to change the magic, elemental, and aligned traits on any Divinely Morphic plane to a radius of up to one mile per rank of Craft that you have; doing so requires a Craft check with a DC exactly as if you were creating the plane in the first place.

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