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Balance: Wizard

Many Eyes of the Gibling
Descriptors: Descriptors::Evil, Chaotic
Classes: Classes::Demonsouled
Chakra: Chakra::Blast, Brow
Saving Throw: None

Summary::It almost seems like patches of your skin are blinking. You cannot be flanked by anyone with fewer hit dice than yourself. For every point of essentia invested in Many Eyes of the Gibling, the minimum number of hit dice a character who attempts to flank you may have increases by 2.

Chakra Bind (Blast) Edit

Your skin becomes covered in eyes. When they all look at someone, blinding energy shoots forth.

You can make a ranged touch attack as a standard action against a target within close range. The target must make a Reflex or Will save (their choice) or become blinded for 1 round per meldshaper level. For every point of essentia invested in Many Eyes of the Gibling, the range of this ability increases by 20 feet.

Chakra Bind (Brow) Edit

Your forehead becomes covered in eyes. These eyes can detach from your forehead and explore for you.

You gain a number of flying Fine constructs equal to the amount of essentia invested in Many Eyes of the Gibling when you invest essentia in it. These constructs have 1 hitpoint and 22 AC (+8 size, +4 Deflection) that can fly at a speed of 50 feet with perfect maneuverability and no sound. These eyes grant vision as though you were there, and may be telepathically controlled and viewed from while within 5 miles. If you uninvest essentia from Many Eyes of the Gibling, a number of eyes you control in this way disappear until you control no more eyes than you have points of essentia invested in Many Eyes of the Gibling.

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