The Grand DivinesEdit

The worship of the Grand Divines is a major part of Zengroda culture, and influences much of the activity that happens there. Those that worship the Grand Divines often choose a specific deity to revere above all others. This leads to frequent conflict between peoples of opposing viewpoints and this is how the continent has come to be divided.


Twin Aspects of the LightEdit




The religion of Ska'ta'seem is a complex and mysterious religion that takes root solely in the far west. It is the belief that the "real" world is a dream and only the Ith is true. They believe that magic is the result of a dreamers will upon their dream. Unlike most religions it has no gods or goddesses, although a fair number of people claim to be"Ubo" or awakened. These people are often very influential to other Seemites and a number of villages have formed around the will of an Ubo.

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