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The Kronite Circle is an organization that has been around as long as the Etherium trade. Before the Rise of the Five Kings it was the Kronite Circle that delivered Etherium across the Burning Lands. As the demand for Etherium expanded the Circle was forced to allow others to take up aspects of the trade that they couldn't manage alone. Since then the Circle has headed the Kings by providing locations for new Etherium sites and providing assistance in the form of healing magics.

The Order of JulianosEdit

The Order of Julianos is an ancient organization that claims linage to the original Order that was active during the reign of the Silver Emperor. Considering themselves the guardians of magic and the sacred lore keepers of the Ith, the Order has made it their goal to monitor and control the use of all magic so that a cataclysm such as Tremm's hex never happens again. Considered the most scholarly and pompous of the Five Kings, the Order has hundreds of agents spread out across the land searching for any opportunity to gain knowledge and bring it one step closer to its former glory. As their goals directly conflict with those of the mysterious Kronite Circle, these two forces often find themselves at odds with one another.

Arclight EngineersEdit

The Labor GuildEdit

The Labor Guild is perhaps the single most wealthy organization on the continent of Zengroda due to its near monopoly on the slaving(or labor as the Guild prefers to call it) industry. Originating in the Razja Isles, the Guild uses its vast influence and power to support the economies of entire kingdoms and uses them to further the guilds designs. Currently one of the Five Kings of the Guild States, the Labor Guild is famous for its fickle support of other guilds in their times of need and is by far the wealthiest of the Kings.

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