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The vast majority of Phyrexia is hot and barren, large mountain ranges jut through the center of the realm and low rocky hills fill in everywhere else. A continual shade is cast upon the land due to the ever present Ebon Storm; the darkness deepens as you reach the center of it but at the eye itself sunlight pours through upon the central city of Braxis. Several large rivers run through the land but due to the high amount of mining that takes place most of the waters are tainted and poisonous to drink. Underneath the dark stones lie a honeycomb network of tunnels that guide the iron trains that shuttle groups of laborers from one dig site to the next. Almost no natural plants grow in this region though it is speculated that the area was once a vibrant forestland, possible evidence of this can be seen in the Forest of Stone.

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The culture of Phyrexia is one of brutal elitism, with the rich and influential prospering and everyone else working for scraps to live on. The population is separated into roughly five different groups.

Workers: Anyone who cannot pay for the various taxes of Phyrixa or those born of a worker are doomed to a life of hard labor. Toiling below the ground in the endless rail tunnels and mines, these people exist solely for the gain of the upper classes. When they are not working they retreat to self made homes carved directly into the rock. These are referred to as warrens and they serve as the one place of solace the working class can call their own.

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