General PlotEdit

The main plot in our current campaign revolves around the discovery of a strange cube found in an ancient shrine deep in the Witching Woods on the eastern coast of Conrath. Initially discovered by the PCs under the orders of Lord Finnius, the PCs battled gnolls and strange men dressed in reddish garments on their way. Upon reaching the Shrine they had to use clever tactics to cross the dangerous fissure that had cracked the land all around the shrine. Finally gaining entrance the PCs had to pass a series of trials to open the chamber containing the cube, though most of these trials had long since decayed, several new foes(including a dark mage who wanted the cube for himself) hindered their passage. Eventually the PCs had gathered all of the keys they needed to open the vault. Once they opened it however, they were assaulted by the stench and rotting fists of a horde of zombies that had somehow animated in the caverns below. After slaying these creatures the PCs proceeded forward into the darkness of the catacombs. It was a fairly short trip and the PCs arrived with very little trouble. Walking into the main crypt they found nothing but an open sarcophagus and the mummified corpse of what appeared to be an angel hugging the cube. Fortunately for the PCs, the angel was only dead and offered little trouble when they attempted to retrieve the cube.

Important NPCsEdit


Lord Balus Description: Tall and imposing, Balus plays the part of conquering lord to the letter. His long brown hair trails down his back in elegant braids and his eyes are hard and calculating. He is well toned but bears the marks of several scars along his right arm and leg. When he is going into battle Balus dons his prized white armor, given to him by his previous lord(or so he claims). He generally wields a longsword and shield into battle though he consistently has a spear strapped around his back. Both the longsword and shield are of magical quality and even similar make. The shield has a flowing emrald pattern that forms into the shape of a waterfall on the center, while the sword is designed to look like an outstretched talon.




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