The Mortal CoilEdit

The Mortal Coil is the world as we know it. Everything in the cosmos is a byproduct of something originating from the Mortal Coil though it is unclear whether gods created it originally or if it simply was.

The IthEdit

The Ith is a dream world that is shaped by every thought or emotion ever felt by beings on the Coil. It is a strange realm that mortals are only aware of by its direct association with magic. Only brief glimpses of the Ith by mages of legendary status have allowed mortals to accept the Ith as a reality and those that have seen it can only describe it as a mass of swirling white fog containing half formed shapes both glorious and horrifying. Though the Ith is extremely hard for Mortals to affect, the Ith influences every creature in existence and sometimes manifests in a physical form. This substance, know as Tass, or Essence of the Gods in the Old Tongue, is the staple form of magical power and is used in the creation of magic items.

The BetweenEdit

When the first of the High Mages opened the fragile doorway to the Ith, a small crack formed in the cosmos due to their efforts. Almost immediately this crack began to widen and sucked many of the Mages through, including the leader of the Order known as Tremm. This fissure was utterly dark and endlessly siphoned Tass from the Ith, absorbing it into the darkness and sending out a wave of magical entropy that crumbled the Silver Empire. The catastrophe was forever known as Tremm's Hex and since then the Darkness of the Void has been an ever present threat to those who would wield magic.

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